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Regional Avionics Repair LLC

Announces continuing support of AHC-85/85D/85E

                                              Regional Avionics Repair LLC offers continuing repair services for the Rockwell Collins AHC85/85D/85E.

                                              Part numbers supported by Regional Avionics Repair LLC are:

                                                                                  AHC-85      622-6190-113, -204

                                                                                  AHC-85D    622-7386-001, -002, -400

                                                                                  AHC-85E     622-9336-001, -002, -003, -400

Operators of units covered by OEM Marketing Bulletin 2011-092M can rely on quality and continuing repair

services provided by Regional Avionics Repair LLC.

Regional Avionics Repair LLC has available a network of suppliers, DER services and PMA solutions which will

extend the service life far into the future. Repairs comply with manufacturer specifications. Major assemblies

are repaired with readily available components in preference to replacement of that assembly.

PMA solutions provide economic advantage and preclude obsolescence.  Preventative maintenance techniques extend

MTBF and provides as new performance. Legacy and recently delivered aircraft with AHC-85 systems can continue

operations without additional and problematic budgetary issues.

New customers have a choice to reduce current cost of ownership and avoid a retrofit program.  All of our customers

place trust in an experienced, dedicated, innovative and always motivated team of Avionics experts. We understand the

industry and proudly stand by our repairs.


AHC Discontinuance PDF


Attitude Heading Computer – Capabilities


622-6190-113 AHC-85 Repair/Certify Rockwell Collins
622-6190-204 AHC-85 Repair/Certify Rockwell Collins
622-7386-001 AHC-85D Repair/Certify Rockwell Collins
622-7386-002 AHC-85D Repair/Certify Rockwell Collins
622-7386-400 AHC-85D Repair/Certify Rockwell Collins
622-9336-001 AHC-85E Repair/Certify Rockwell Collins
622-9336-002 AHC-85E Repair/Certify Rockwell Collins
622-9336-003 AHC-85E Repair/Certify Rockwell Collins
622-9336-400 AHC-85E Repair/Certify Rockwell Collins
622-6189-001 ICU-85 Repair/Certify Rockwell Collins
622-6189-002 ICU-85 Repair/Certify Rockwell Collins