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Regional Avionics Repair LLC offers quality, reliable repairs and overhauls for the SVL-4000 622-9968-001 and 622-9968-101 Yaw Damper Actuator.

The recent AD 2013-14-11 highlights concerns with the yaw damper actuator system performance.

Regional Avionics Repair LLC repairs are focused on improving the reliability of the actuators and enhancing customer component performance at a competitive price.

Turn Times and pricing are the best available.

Exchange units available.

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SVL News 2018-01-10

Regional Avionics Repair LLC. Announces repair overhaul capabilities for SVL-4000 622-9968-101 , adding to our continuously growing list of CRJ centered capabilities. Our goal is to provide flight hour and reliability increases to the SVL-4000 622-9968-101 just as we have for the SVL-4000 622-9968-001.


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FAA AD 2013-14-11 PDF

AD NUMBER: 2013-14-11

PRODUCT: All Bombardier, Inc. Model CL-600-2B19 (Regional Jet Series 100 & 440), CL-600-2C10 (Regional Jet Series 700, 701, & 702), CL-600-2D15 (Regional Jet Series 705), and CL-600-2D24 (Regional Jet Series 900) airplanes.

SUBJECT: Airworthiness Directive 2013-14-11

ACTION: Final Rule, Request for Comments

SUMMARY: This AD requires revising the airplane flight manual (AFM) by incorporating an emergency procedure for uncommanded yaw motion. This AD was prompted by reports of airplanes experiencing uncommanded rudder movements while in flight.

The FAA is issuing this AD to advise the flightcrew of procedures to address a possible failure of the voltage regulator inside the yaw damper actuator that could lead to uncommanded yaw movement and consequent loss of the ability to control the airplane.

DATES: This AD becomes effective August 9, 2013. Comments on this ADare due by September 9, 2013.

622-9968-001 SVL-4000 Repair/Certify Collins Aerospace
622-9968-002 SVL-4000 Repair/Certify Collins Aerospace
622-9968-101 SVL-4000 Repair/Certify Collins Aerospace