Weather Radar RTA-84X/85X




Regional Avionics Repair LLC announces repair and overhaul capability for Rockwell Collins RTA- 8XX, Weather Radar systems.

This repair capability now offers our customers an opportunity to extend the life of the older models that are typically deemed obsolete and BER. In addition

maintenance performed on the newer models provides additional savings and reliability for fleet operators, aircraft owners and aftermarket parts suppliers.



Our repair support; covers the entire Serial Number range!

The test equipment is specific to the Rockwell Collins requirements and allows detailed analysis and trouble shooting of the Radar subassemblies. These

assemblies can then be repaired in contrast to replacement, which builds in the economic advantages that Regional Avionics Repair LLC is known for.

With custom test programs and Military standard equipment, our technicians can concentrate on providing

the best value to our customers, including complex repairs of DSP boards, exciters, transmitters and receivers.

All Radar units are subjected to extreme environmental temperature testing.

Regional Avionics Repair LLC can provide RTA-8XX specific shipping boxes to ensure units are not damaged in shipping.